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About Me


My name is Chris Walton.I was born and raised in Maryland and then relocated to West Virginia once I married my Wife, Wendi. We have one child, who can be seen popping up in some of my videos at random.

My Experience   

I grew up watching people make things. I also watch TV shows like "This Old House" and the "Woodrite Shop". My grandfather was a wood worker and my dad dabbled in it. Everything I know is from watching, then trying. Failing and then trying again. I have learned a lot from also watching Jimmy Diresta, Matthias Wandel, John Heisz as well as Cody from Wrangerstar

Custom Work

I am open to doing custom work however, because of my time restraints I am very picky on what I take on. You can contact me and we can talk about a project you have in mind BUT there are no guarantees I can or will do it . 

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